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(MTR420)     King Louie & the Loose Diamonds - Memphis Treet     LP     [Info]

(MTR419)     Lover! - s/t     LP     [Info]

(MTR418)     Pure Country Gold - s/t     LP     [Info]

(MTR417)     Bamboo Kids - Feel Like Hell     LP     [Info]

(MTR416)     Destruction Unit - Death To The New Flesh     LP     [Info]

(MTR415)     Digital Leather - Monologue     CD     [Info]

(MTR414)     Snitches Get Stitches - Even A Butched Carcass Can Shine     CD     [Info]

(MTR413)     Blank Its - Happy Accidents     LP     [Info]

(MTR412)     Dark Skies - Dark Skies     LP     [Info]

(MTR411)     Original Three - Been Dealt a Losin Hand     CD     [Info]

(MTR410)     Tokyo Electron - self titlted     CD     [Info]

(MTR409)     Reatards - Not Fucked Enough     LP     [Info]

(MTR408)     New York Rifles - Faraway Faster     CD     [Info]

(MTR407)     Red Rose Girls - Self Titled     CD     [Info]

(MTR406)     Snitches Get Stitches - I liked you better when you were a corpse     CD     [Info]

(MTR405)     Reatards - Bedroom Disasters     LP     [Info]

(MTR404)     St Bushmill's Choir - Self Tittled     LP     [Info]

(MTR403)     MouseRocket - MouseRocket     LP     [Info]

(MTR402)     Really Red - Teaching You The Fear     LP     [Info]

(MTR401)     Destruction Unit - Self-Destruction of a Man     LP     [Info]

(MTR400)     Curses - #&$% LP/CD     LP     [Info]

(MTR399)     Solger - Codex 1980     LP     [Info]

(MTR398)     Mea Culpa - They Put You in a Mask     LP     [Info]

(MTR397)     Lost Sounds - Rats Brains & Microchips     LP     [Info]

(MTR396)     Rotten Apples - Real Tuff     CD     [Info]

(MTR395)     Gloryholes - Knock You Up     LP     [Info]

(MTR394)     Midnight Thunder Express - Self Titled LP/CD     LP     [Info]

(MTR393)     Mea Culpa - Corporate Nation     Single     [Info]

(MTR392)     Lost Sounds - Black Wave     CD     [Info]

(MTR391)     Blow Up - True Noise     CD     [Info]

(MTR390)     Dead Moon - Trash & Burn     LP     [Info]

(MTR388)     Pinkos - Pinkos LP/CD     LP     [Info]

(MTR387)     Lost Sounds - 1 + 1 = Nothing     Single     [Info]

(MTR386)     Blow Up - Dead Stars 7     Single     [Info]

(MTR385)     Pinkos - Pinkos & Faggots 7     Single     [Info]

(MTR384)     Weird Lovemakers - LIVE: Bigger than a Cookie, Better than a Cake     CD     [Info]

(MTR383)     Dickel Brothers - Volume 2     LP     [Info]

(MTR382)     Loudmouths - Valentine Killers/ Loudmouths Spilt     Single     [Info]

(MTR381)     Reatards - Grown Up, Fucked Up     LP     [Info]

(MTR380)     Catheters - The Catheters     LP     [Info]

(MTR379)     Drags - 45 x 3     LP     [Info]

(MTR378)     Reatards - Your So Lewd     Single     [Info]

(MTR377)     Dead Moon - Destination X     LP     [Info]

(MTR376)     Dickel Brothers - Volume 1     LP     [Info]

(MTR375)     Catheters - The Kids Know How To Rock     Single     [Info]

(MTR374)     Dickel Brothers - God Bless Her     Single     [Info]

(MTR373)     Tales From The Birdbath - Baron Von Birdbath     CD     [Info]

(MTR372)     Sicko - MTX split     Single     [Info]

(MTR371)     Fireballs Of Freedom - New Professionals     LP     [Info]

(MTR369)     Fireballs Of Freedom - Viva El Gato     Single     [Info]

(MTR368)     Room 41 - Brain Shake     Single     [Info]

(MTR367)     Weird Lovemakers - Flu Shot     LP     [Info]

(MTR366)     Scared Of Chaka - How To Lose     LP     [Info]

(MTR365)     Jr High - Killer Of Friendship     LP     [Info]

(MTR364)     Jr High - Mouthful     Single     [Info]

(MTR363)     Helldorado - We Can Quit Anytime     LP     [Info]

(MTR361)     Dead Moon - Hard Wired CD-ROM     CD     [Info]

(MTR360)     Dead Moon - Hard Wired     CD     [Info]

(MTR359)     Sicko - You Are Not The Boss Of Me     LP     [Info]

(MTR358)     Motards - Saturday Night Special Ed.     LP     [Info]

(MTR356)     Scared Of Chaka - Automatic     Single     [Info]

(MTR355)     Reclusives - More Of The Same     Single     [Info]

(MTR354)     Murder City Devils - Dance Hall Music     Single     [Info]

(MTR353)     Various Artists - eMpTy Sampler 2     CD     [Info]

(MTR352)     Helldorado - Jesco Way     Single     [Info]

(MTR351)     Satan's Pilgrims - Around The World with...     LP     [Info]

(MTR350)     X-Rays - Double Godzilla with Cheese     LP     [Info]

(MTR334)     Scared Of Chaka - Masonic Youth     LP     [Info]

(MTR333)     Hormones - 45 RPM Single     Single     [Info]

(MTR332)     Satan's Pilgrims - Haunted House Party     Single     [Info]

(MTR331)     Holden Payne - Shuffle Along     Single     [Info]

(MTR320)     Flies - Teen Challenge     Single     [Info]

(MTR319)     Fumes - Self Appointed Guardian of the Machine     LP     [Info]

(MTR318)     Motards - Rock Kids     LP     [Info]

(MTR317)     X-Rays - Speed Kills     CD     [Info]

(MTR315)     Sicko - Chef Boy RU Dumb     CD     [Info]

(MTR310)     Satan's Pilgrims - At Home With...     LP     [Info]

(MTR309)     Drags - Anxiety     Single     [Info]

(MTR308)     Fumes - Spine Tingling Excitement     Single     [Info]

(MTR307)     Statics - An Unrespected Man     Single     [Info]

(MTR306)     Sicko - Laugh While You Can Monkey Boy     LP     [Info]

(MTR293)     Steel Wool - Lucky Boy     LP     [Info]

(MTR287)     Executioners - 14093 Steps to My House     Single     [Info]

(MTR286)     Pansy Division - Jack U Off     Single     [Info]

(MTR273)     Various Artists - eMpTy Records Sampler     CD     [Info]

(MTR271)     Gas Huffer - Shrill Beeps of Shrimp     Single     [Info]

(MTR268)     Sicko - You Can Feel The Love In This Room     LP     [Info]

(MTR266)     Devil Dogs - Radio Beat     Single     [Info]

(MTR264)     Dummies - Rock Attack USA     Single     [Info]

(MTR263)     Shaven - Poison Wax     Single     [Info]

(MTR253)     Zipgun - Baltimore     LP     [Info]

(MTR245)     Meanies - Televolution     CD     [Info]

(MTR244)     Kent 3 - Coin of the Realm     Single     [Info]

(MTR243)     Belle Jar - Belle Jar     Single     [Info]

(MTR240)     Solid Statesmen - Man, Machine, and ...     Single     [Info]

(MTR239)     Crackerbash - Tin Toy     LP     [Info]

(MTR238)     Earls Family Bombers - Earls Family Bombers     Single     [Info]

(MTR229)     Deviators - Falling Away     Single     [Info]

(MTR228)     New Bomb Turks - So Young, So Fair, So Debonair     Single     [Info]

(MTR226)     Putters - Fear of Women     LP     [Info]

(MTR225)     Steel Wool - Simple Men Who Like Working With Their Hands     LP     [Info]

(MTR220)     Derelicts - Going Out Of Style     CD     [Info]

(MTR218)     Devil Dogs - Choadblast     CD     [Info]

(MTR211)     Sinister Six - Outta Sight!     LP     [Info]

(MTR209)     Sicko - Count Me Out     Single     [Info]

(MTR208)     Fumes - Tossin Plates and Forks     Single     [Info]

(MTR207)     Meices - Alex Put Something In His Pocket     Single     [Info]

(MTR205)     Meices - Greatest Bible Stories Ever Told     LP     [Info]

(MTR204)     Girl Trouble - New USAn Shame     LP     [Info]

(MTR187)     Sinister Six - Go Away     Single     [Info]

(MTR186)     Steel Wool - Ian     Single     [Info]

(MTR185)     Putters - Muscle Car     Single     [Info]

(MTR184)     Girl Trouble - Work That Crowd     Single     [Info]

(MTR183)     Kill Sybil - Kill Sybil     LP     [Info]

(MTR182)     Kill Sybil - Fairlane     Single     [Info]

(MTR181)     Gas Huffer - Integrity, Technology, And Service     LP     [Info]

(MTR179)     Crackerbash - Crackerbash     LP     [Info]

(MTR178)     Zipgun - 8 Track Player     LP     [Info]

(MTR173)     Fumes - Knock Out The Axis     LP     [Info]

(MTR170)     Derelicts - Derelicts / Zipgun Split     Single     [Info]

(MTR166)     Mudhoney - Mudhoney/Gas Huffer split     Single     [Info]

(MTR165)     Brother Buzz - Dynamite     Single     [Info]

(MTR164)     Meices - The Meices     Single     [Info]

(MTR162)     Supersuckers - The Songs All Sound The Same     CD     [Info]

(MTR161)     Schleprock - Looking Back + 2     Single     [Info]

(MTR160)     Crackerbash - Jasper     Single     [Info]

(MTR159)     Kill Sybil - Sybil - Olympia     Single     [Info]

(MTR157)     Zipgun - Free     Single     [Info]

(MTR156)     Zipgun - Together Dumb     Single     [Info]

(MTR152)     Gits - Spear & Magic Helmet     Single     [Info]

(MTR145)     Gas Huffer - Janitors of Tomorrow     LP     [Info]

(MTR135)     Supersuckers - Junk     Single     [Info]

(MTR131)     Yummy - Happiness is...     Single     [Info]

(MTR124)     Motherload - My Sister     Single     [Info]

(MTR119)     Fumes - Ways To Enjoy Life     Single     [Info]

(MTR110)     Gruntruck - Inside Yours!     CD     [Info]

(MTR101)     TFL - Totally Fucking Lit     Single     [Info]

(MTR099)     Derelicts - Time To Fuck Up     Single     [Info]

(MTR094)     Fartz - You, We See You Crawling     LP     [Info]

(MTR093)     Accused - Hymns For The Deranged     LP     [Info]

(MTR081)     Accused - Accused/Morphius split 7     Single     [Info]

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