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Pure Country Gold

The best rock and roll has always seemed to have a devil on one shoulder, an angel on the other: While the angels promoted melody and harmony, the devils preached energy and urgency. While Pure Country Gold believes that music is best when informed by both of these sides, on this debut album it's clear that they've given a stronger ear to the latter. These 10 songs of R&b-laden garage-punk roll with enough good-time, hard-shuffle exuberance to flatten a house party. Guys and girls will be bobbing their heads and tapping their feet, trying to keep time while holding on to the floor lest they be blown away by Pure Country Gold's wall of raw melody and rousing backbeat. Each listener will be left with a similar sense of euphoric exhaustion, stepping away from the speakers grateful that no exorcism has ever managed to remove the devil from rock and roll. (100 on gold vinyl) Gold Soldout

Song Clips at www.myspace.com/purecountrygold



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