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Grown Up, Fucked Up

From Memphis, TN. comes The Reatards, fronted, by Jay Reatard whos been rockin since age 14 on Goner Records. We just heard the rough mixes and it sounds alot like the KBD ("Killed by Death") comps. Hell yeah! Jays one of the few kids that understand that punk rock aint punk if its over produced and predictable. And he doesnt even come close.

The Reatards already have one European tour under their belts and a US tour in the works for late Summer or early Fall.

Recorded at This Aint Easleys studio
See Goner Records for the older releases!

Previous releases:
Get Real Stupid 7" Goner
Teenage Hate LP/CD Goner
Get Out Of Our Way 7" Blahhlll!
Youre So Lewd 7" Empty Records US



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