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Your So Lewd

From Memphis, TN. comes The Reatards, fronted, of course, by wild kid Jay Reatard. He starting off on Eric Oblivians label, Goner, at the tender age of 15. Jay, now 19, is still rocking and offending the sensibilities of his community. Overdriven, loud, crackling guitars underlaying Jays southern crooning howl energizes some of the most amazing hate-filled song writing weve heard in years. The Reatards already have one European tour under their belts and an US tour in the works for late summer.

"Youre So Lewd" was recorded on four track straight to cassette and is a good teaser for the full length coming out this fall. In the meantime check out the Amazing "Teenage Hate" LP on Goner. It converted us.



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